Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Truckin' & Gardenin'

It's fun to go to plant nurseries and see all the ornaments available for a beautiful garden. Things that hang, sit, and drape are all available for a lovely and elegant garden. But, if you are into vintage decor, it's fun to have some vintage aspects in some parts of your garden too. And if you are the mother of sons, it's fun to include things that remind you of their childhood days. An old Tonka truck, rusty and faded, sits in a garden by the little well house. It reminds me of childhood's joys. This little truck no longer drives on winding roads made in a dirt pile by the vegetable garden. Memories of truckin' and little boys come to my mind every time I walk by this little truck in my garden.

What vintage toys do you have gracing your garden beds? What memories do they bring you?


  1. I have no vintage trucks, but I think that would be great for the grands to enjoy. I so wanted to purchase a push mower that was falling apart at the flea market...half price for $10. John just wasn't "feeling" it so it didn't happen. Shoot!

  2. I think that maybe an old push mower wouldn't happen around here either. I have been hearing yearnings for an old farm tractor though. . .


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