Thursday, May 07, 2009

Free-form Embroidery

Free-form embroidery is fun, but scary! Stitching without a pattern and creating your own designs does give much creative freedom to a project, though. The general outline of the teacup on this tea towel started out as a pattern, but the more of this design I stitched, the more fun I had making each tea towel unique! Different styles and shapes of flowers and a variety of trim on the teacup changed each tea towel into it's own unique creation. Sometimes they didn't end up completely 'even' or 'perfect' in design, but the end result is somewhat like a china painted plate. The little flaws made it all that more special and unique. At least that's what I like to think!


  1. sooooo pretty and truly unique...which is such a good thing..

  2. I never plan to do it this way, but sometimes I find myself in a tight corner where that embroidery hoop just doesn't work. Perhaps I live dangerously and attempt it for real because that is completely charming.

  3. Love it! I just took some photos of a few free form embroidered tea towels I bought at the thrift store. I'll need to post them soon.. :0)
    Have a wonderful day LaTeaDah!

  4. I certainly understand about the tight corners on an embroidery hoop, Vee! And Ellen -- I look forward to seeing pictures of your free-form embroidered tea towels. They sound like fun!

  5. where do you get your tea towels to embroider on? Thanks for the help!
    hugs, debra

  6. For embroidered tea towels, I prefer flour sack towels that are thin and easy to work. Walmart sells them in packets of five and KMart has similar ones in the Martha Stewart brand that come in bulk sets. They are about $1.00 each.


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