Friday, May 01, 2009

Colorful Tea Towels

Embroidered tea towels are fun to stitch, but sometimes a bit more color is desired. There's an easy way to fill in the stitching lines with shades of pretty colors. Here's how:

After tracing the pattern onto the flour sack fabric, color the design with regular coloring crayons. Color gently, but with an even stroke. Areas that you want shaded can be colored with a heavier hand or colored in a darker color. Then cover the pattern with a piece of paper and iron with a warm iron. This sets the color. Then, stitch as desired. Coloring crayons work well for this effect, but pencil crayons will work as well. You can wash and dry your tea towels as usual.

Happy Stitching!


  1. That's a wonderful tip to know. Your embroidery looks fantastic done this would look fantastic anyway, but the extra color does make it pop.

  2. So pretty. I just found some great stitched tea towels at the thrift store so I'm going to see if they could use a little enhancing :0)

  3. Very pretty. I remember my mother using crayons to draw tulips on the border of her kitchen curtains! She didn't embroidery them, just the crayons!


  4. I didn't know this! What a great idea and something I'll bet my daughter would enjoy.

  5. so pretty...I just bought some Morning glory seeds...I need to try this coloring....I love the soft look of it.

  6. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!


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