Saturday, May 09, 2009

Spring Really is Here Now!

As the winter gives way to spring each year, we keep an eye on the mountains, trying to see if there is still snow there. All the while, we are wondering when it will be melted enough for us to make it to the cabin. Usually we try too early in the season to get there, and are disappointed by snowdrifts and impassible roads. We waited until May this season, hoping that maybe we could get through. We tried today, and we mostly made it, but had to walk a ways because the snow was too deep and mushy on the road for a vehicle. Our first little homestead cabin was safe and sound -- a picturesque little place that is inhabited by little critters and is mostly a landmark on the map. We hiked through the meadow, enjoying wildflowers and little streamlets of water seeping through meadow grasses creating mush and mud from the snow melt. As we passed through the woods, our eyes were seeking a first glimpse of the cabin, hoping that all the surrounding trees were still standing and that no winter damage had been done. We were rewarded with a standing cabin, well secured and safe. After digging a high snowdrift away from the door, Brent was able to unscrew the boards he put up to protect it from winter's snow and to unlock the door. How interesting it is to step into after a winter away. Just knowing that everything stayed exactly in the same place you left it months before, and hearing the clock ticking away minutes and knowing it did the same all winter long, gives one a feeling of time and space that is hard to explain. Even when no one is there, life goes on. After resting and exploring the surrounding woods, we hiked back to the truck and headed on home. Happy and content. All is well on the mountain.

One of my favorite things are the wildflowers of spring. They were showing their lovely faces in the sunshine today: grass widows, tiger lilies, yellow bells, buttercups, and more. The earliest flowers of spring are always the yellow, lavender, and white ones. I wonder why that is so? Aren't they beautiful?


  1. I have been wondering when you could go back to the cabin. What a wonderful place to be on a Spring day! Thank you for sharing the trip and your photos with us. Happy Mother's Day, dear friend. ~Adrienne~

  2. You explain the process so well. I can't imagine all the snow that still exists in the mountain passes. I'm so happy that you found everything just as you had left it. No signs of mice or anything?

    My father was planning to make the journey to the family cottage this week opening it for the season until my mother's illness. I am still hoping that he'll be able to do that.

  3. No mice, Vee. And no pack-rats in the storage building either. I think Brent has finally filled all the cracks and chinks. He's gone through many tubes of foam and calking! Time will tell.


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