Monday, May 04, 2009

Buttons & Embroidery

In addition to crayons and floss, other embellishments can make a simple, hand-embroidered tea towel pretty. Buttons make a simple, yet effective touch to tea towel decor. Used as a teapot lid topper, or the center of flowers, old-fashioned shirt buttons take on new life as they are used to add interest to common things. This is a tea towel I stitched for a friend --- I hope they are enjoying it.


  1. It's darling and this pattern looks like one I've done...probably for your most excellent Hospitalitea Party.

  2. I'm sure they are loving the tea towel, it's beautiful!

  3. What a darling tea towel. I would like to make a tea towel, however I do not know where to start. Is there a certain fabric that you use and do you know where I may purchase it?
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  4. I lobe that button touch..I have also seen yo-yo's put know when my brother died in November I was stitching by his bedside, I have not been able to pick it up since then....I know I will...maybe it is a mental block, or grief...memories or what..but I just NEED to do it...thank you for bringing this handwork back into my life when I started are a inspiring lady.

  5. So very cute!! This has such a vintage feel. Love it!!

    Hope your week got off to a good start, sweetie!!

    Love 'n hugs,

  6. The button adds a special touch to the pretty little towel!


  7. What a wonderful gift! The button is the perfect touch to the teapot. ~Adrienne~


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