Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A More Distant View

Today we will take a peek at Mrs. Egg Lady's garden from a more distant view. Her garden changes as the spring melds into summer. Right now her roses are starting to blossom and bloom, the foxglove are standing tall, violas and pansies are showing their pretty faces, and little clusters of ground cover are adding color here and there. A fifty-year-old snowball bush reins over a corner of the front yard from am amazing height. Wild roses and climbing roses in yellow, red, and burgundy are dotted along the roadside fence. The red roses grace an arbor and gate that leads from house to road. Can you find it in the montage? Enjoy a moment of serenity as you imagine yourself walking through Mrs. Egg Lady's garden, then sitting on a garden chair sipping on a cup of tea and visiting with her and she shares stories of days gone by. Peace, friendship, and beauty as the troubles of the world slip by; an ideal moment in time.

*Click on the photo for a larger view. Enjoy!


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  2. What a garden! I like gardens that are so abundant and full that they don't allow for a front lawn. It's my fond hope one day.

    Say, are you thinking about joining Mary's Monday Mosaic?


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