Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sewing Like Mom

Do you sew like your mother? Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't. Yesterday, as I was cutting out aprons I was pondering this question. It's funny how simple tasks can take you back in time. My mother has been gone for twelve years, but her legacy lives on through her daughters. I must have been about eleven years old when my mother taught me to sew. By twelve years old I was sewing almost all of my own clothes. Store bought clothes were pretty rare in our family while I was growing up. My mother taught me to sew as her mother had taught her --- and as her mother taught her. It is a family thread that continues down through generations. Sometimes the mother, grandmother , and great-grandmother methods of garment construction are not 'proper' nor 'by the book', but they were methods that worked for them. And they still work for me today. Yesterday I was able to cut out aprons, one on top of the other without removing the pattern or pins from the first one. And I was able to get double the contrast pieces cut out of what the pattern said I needed for one! What a feeling of accomplishment! Although over time home economics coursework ensued, I find that there are times that I still revert back to themethods my mother taught me. They work well, those homespun methods of shortcuts and construction techniques. Thank you, mom!


  1. I do things like that - things that are little shortcuts the way my mother taught me. She inspires me to always do my best.
    Cute apron pattern.

  2. How lovely to have a mother that you could learn sewing from.

  3. Anonymous5:46 AM

    What a fun post! One of my frustrations has been not being adept at sewing even after having taken several classes. My great-grandmother and grandmother were excellent seamstress but that seems to be where the gene pool ended as my Mother did not sew. Being able to sew well seems so creative and relaxing.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  4. I'm trying to catch up with your doings, my friend. I've been busy with my dear, little mother's needs and I had a few days away camping with girlfriends. I LOVE the yellow fabric you used for the apron. Would love to see your aprons. My mother's best friend taught me how to sew. Then she taught my mother! I became my mother's sewing mentor through the years. It wasn't something she enjoyed but she made incredible doll clothes when I was young - most from 'recycled' fabrics from clothing that wasn't being worn anymore. I still have most of the doll clothes she made for me.


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