Saturday, May 24, 2014

Victoria Day

The online tea group, Afternoon Tea Across America, conducted a card and tea sample exchange for May and chose the theme Victoria Day. This day is a Canadian holiday that is celebrated during the same week-end as Memorial Day in the USA.

The Victoria Day week-end is a statutory holiday in Canada that commemorates the birthdays of all ruling British monarchs, including the current queen. Although each monarchs' actual birth dates are varied, this holiday was established as overall recognition of the sovereigns' birthdays.

Victoria Day is often referred to by Canadians as the May Long Weekend, a family celebration, lots of good food, and spectacular fireworks.

I received each card with anticipation, as each was unique and represented the personality and creative skills of each sender. It was fun discovering what was in each envelope.

From home-crafted, stamped cards to especially ordered cards from England, each was different and selected according to the interpretation of this holiday by the one who sent it.

Crowns, teapots, and the Union Jack were a common theme.

It's likely that every home that has been decorated in a Victorian-style has a pair of teddy bears somewhere --- and they are sure to have their own china teaset. Just like these!

The maple leaf, fireworks, and words that remind us to celebrate!

And crowns. Lots and lots of crowns! Happy Victoria Day! And a special shout-out to the Canadians who are Afternoon Tea Across America group members!


  1. Hi La Tea Dah.. Didn't know about Victoria Day. Thanks for the information. Susan

  2. What an awesome display you have done. This is a very sweet posting here. I was going to make something too but the fabric I wanted to use was all used up in the basement. Have to wait.


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