Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lessons from Quilting

The local quilt guild ladies have been busy! Each month they continue to share their beautiful projects at our guild sewing sessions.

Additionally, they participated willingly in a "block of the month" project last year, stitching a block each month to donate to a communal project. By the end of the year, there were enough blocks donated to put together twelve quilts for charity. 

It was decided that there were not enough hours during our monthly sewing session to get the charity quilts done fast enough, so we decided to add another monthly sewing session to our calendars. The additional sewing session is for sewing community donor quilts only.

It's amazing what a few people can accomplish during a morning of sewing. A production line was set up and everyone got to work.

Friendly chatter accompanied the whir of the sewing machines.

We took a break for lunch and ice cream, and then got back to work. In the end we accomplished much.

The quilts are not finished yet, but progress has been made. I'll be sure to show you pictures when the projects are done. Our club quilts are given to people in our rural community who are in need. They go to homeless students, victims of fire, and individuals who are sick. It feels good to give from the heart. What a gracious group of ladies. I have been blessed by observing their generosity.


  1. How wonderful! I really miss my Texas quilt guild! Just haven't found one that works here in Tennessee. . .

  2. What an amazing group of ladies who do incredibly wonderful work for folks in such need. I love seeing the care and creativity - and beauty - that go into quilts for those who need something to lift their spirits.

  3. Giving quilts is such a gift to the one that receives.
    How lovely that your quilt group does this.
    Love, love that first quilt.


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