Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Car Show & Community Spirit

May days are wonderful days. It's such a beautiful month. The weather is pleasant and the earth is starting to green up again. People that have been holed up all winter because of inclement weather are ready for interesting things to do outside. Communities plan parades, picnics, and events for many purposes, but I think one reason is so that we can have fun things to do!

Usually I share quilters "show and tell" here on my blog, but in all fairness to the guys in the family, I thought I'd share something that others in our community share and enjoy. Cars! 

Does this car remind you of youthful days?

Or how about this pretty white Mustang? Or the one below that is accented in red?

Such a cheerful interior! Red is the color of my true love's heart. I'm pretty sure that the interior of this Mustang has captured many a guy's heart as well.

And how about this purple paint job? It's gorgeous, but look!

It was the A & W tray and mugs that caught my attention. It was always a very special treat when I was a kid when Dad would take the family out to A & W for frosty root beers on a hot, summer night. We'd all jam into our little VW Bug and in later years the Ford Galaxy for an A & W  run. It was always a special occasion!

Brent enjoyed his casual walk around the park. He examined each vehicle and read each description of work done.

He ended up finding a friend and his car, and the tour ended there. He enjoyed a long visit and thorough examination of Doyce's first car. It is a beauty! 

What starts with quilting must end with quilting. Although there was not a quilting "show and tell", I spent time visiting with Doyce's wife about quilts, quilting, and quilt guild. What a pleasant day and such a nice way to share in some community spirit.


  1. Anonymous5:12 AM

    I enjoyed your car show and tell blog very much. During the summer season there are several car shows in my area and I enjoy attending. There are always beautiful cars to view and the shows are usually devoted to different eras. Eras in which each body style was distinct and there were more colors than simply black, white, or silver with black interiors.
    Rochelle, ATAA

  2. Gorgeous cars! I loved seeing all of them - and the A&W tray and glasses bring back a lot of happy memories.

  3. I'm not even a car person and I love seeing these old beauties!

  4. Jim would have loved this show. Oh the A&W tray with mugs brings back so many many wonderful memories. I still have one tiny mugs that my little one now uses for his water.


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