Tuesday, May 20, 2014

True Blue

I've discovered that blue has always been a favorite color of mine. Is it one of yours? Blue applies to so many things. It can mean a color, a characteristic, or a mood. It's a word that describes many nuances of things and does it so well. Here are some "blue" idioms that will express my point.

  • a bolt from the blue
  • blue blood
  • blue in the face
  • into the wide blue yonder
  • talk a blue streak
  • come out of a clear blue sky

Each idiom expresses a point all its own. Each is unique, different, and yet you know exactly the thought it is trying to express.

Blue is found in the titles and lyrics of many songs as well. LeAnn Rimes found fame when she recorded her debut album, Blue, at the young age of 13. She was the youngest country music star since Tanya Tucker. Other musicians with famous lines or title using blue are "Song Sung Blue" by Neil Diamond, "Blue Hawaii" by Elvis Presley, and "Forever in Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond. The song "Love is Blue" is one that I obtained piano sheet music to during my teen years. I am sure that I played it until I was blue in the face! And I'm also quite sure my sister and parents quickly tired of the multitude of times I played it! {If you'd like to take a minute out of your day to relax with a cup of tea, click on some of the blue links above and enjoy a little break}.

  • Blue, blue, my world is blue
  • Blue is my world since I'm without you
  • Gray, gray, my life is gray
  • Cold is my heart since you went away
  • Red, red, my eyes are red
  • Crying for you alone in my bed
  • Green, green, my jealous heart
  • I doubted you and now we're apart
  • When we met
  • How the bright sun shone
  • Then love died
  • Now the rainbow is gone
  • Black, black, the nights I've known
  • Longing for you, so lost and alone
  • Gone, gone, the love we knew
  • Blue is my world since I'm without you
Cour, Pierre/Popp, Andre Charles Jean

Blue is the color of a beautiful dress, like the beautiful new maxi-dress I made during my teen years, or the color of gems and stones. Blue is the color of my true love's eyes, and the color of my son's eyes as well. Blue was the color used to decorate my first home, and is the color of my wedding china. It is also the color I think of when I remember my friend, Bonnie, who had a cute blue Pinto car that she named Pony. 

Although I would tell you that pink or lavender are now my favorite color, I wonder if I am really being true to myself. As I look around, I see that there are spaces in my china closet or in my living room where I simply cannot give up things in blue! Cobalt blue Fiestaware. Pfaltzgraff blue and brown stoneware. Two sets of blue Noritake china. Blue Mason jars for use as drinking glasses. Blue stemware. And a plethora of blue teapots, teacups, and saucers.

Blue. My world IS blue! Maybe it is time to admit it!


  1. I love blue as well--especially blue and white! Decorated my last house all blue and white with a few touches of yellow. :) haven't been able to paint much n this house, but we did paint my basement sewing room--which the former owner called "the cave!" We painted it all white, and then for a closet door I hung a blue and white wedding ring quilt!

  2. Loved your very "blue" post, La Tea Dah. I never liked the color blue but now I do! And my kitchen is even done in blue and yellow! Lovely. Susan

  3. Lovely blue china on that blue checkered tablecloth - very fresh and pretty!

  4. I love blue! I use it throughout my home but have never used it much in my yellow and white kitchen. Recently I've started adding touches of blue there - and I love it! Loved seeing - and 'hearing' - of your blue.

  5. :-) I love blue, too - tho I'm picky about the shade. But there are so many to choose from!

  6. I have been fighting blue for a long, long time, yet I have so much of it in my world. I also purchased that sheet music and played it over and over until my family fell into a blue faint or perhaps a blue funk.

  7. My world is blue and always has been. It's my constant. Blue, blue, my heart is blue - loved that song in high school.


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