Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Boom Bloom

Boom! Bloom! The Rio Samba is always the first of the roses to bud and blossom. This year has been no exception. And look! Can you see the lavender budding out in the background? Spring has taken its own sweet time to get here this year, but it has started to get warmer and the garden is responding.

This miniature rose is one of many tiny blossoms on a plant that has grown quite large in the past few years. It started out as a small potted plant from the florist department at the supermarket. Each year it becomes more and more magnificient, as though it is trying to say "Look at me now!"

The Peace rose is right by the front steps. Its color matches the rocking chair that sits on the porch next to it. Both bring calmness and peace to my heart. Especially when paired with a cup of fragrant tea.

Japanese Iris were transplanted from my mother's garden more than ten years ago. Sis and I wanted them as a token and memory of mom. We planted them along with snowdrops in the tea garden in remembrance. They have become established and are blooming profusely this year.

The temperatures are predicted to be into the 90's by the end of this week. The cool spring appears to be over. And with the warmer temperatures, even more buds will burst into bloom. Anticipation! Bloom, garden, bloom! Boom!


  1. Yes, bloom, garden, bloom! Your spring garden and your beautiful roses look wonderful. Perhaps they enjoyed the cool spring.

  2. Beautiful blooms in your garden. I'm prowling around mine almost every day enjoying the various stages of springtime.

  3. So gorgeous! I've never seen a more beautiful rose.

  4. Oh my goodness, La Tea Dah. Every one of those flowers is so breathtaking! Love them. Susan

  5. I love this time of year. My father had Rio Samba in his rose garden. I wish I had one in mine! Maybe I need to add one this year.


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