Friday, March 15, 2013

The Tea Maker

The traditional tea kettle will never go out of style at our house...

...but someone here ordered a new tea maker last week and when they opened a box that UPS delivered, I was surprised and delighted with its contents!

It's a simple, efficient, and high-tech way to make a perfect cup of tea. And it really does make a perfect cup! In fact, it makes an entire pot of perfect tea! There are many choices: green, black, white, herbal, oolong, and custom. And you can decide if you want it to be strong, medium, mild, or custom. There's an option for hot water alone. A timer for auto starting. And a button to push if you want to keep things warm after brewing.

The brewing basket is large, with lots of space for tea leaves to float around so they brew properly and to maximum effect. When the button is pushed to start tea making, the water temperature rises to the appropriate temperature for the kind of tea being brewed. Once the proper temperature is reached, the basket slowly glides down a jug post where it is magnetically attached. It brews a perfect amount of time and then slowly glides upwards and out of the hot water (now tea). 

The "keep warm" setting keeps the tea at exactly the right temperature. For the next 60 minutes, a just right cup of tea can be poured.

And best of all, the person who ordered the tea maker also ordered a box of wonderful, fragrant, and varied tea leaves for the enjoyment of all. Such a generous spirit. Tea delight for all!

Someone asked the brand. It is a Breville. Enjoy!


  1. Okay. Someone's had a birthday. Hope that she had a very happy one.

    Wow. This is amazing. I would be enthralled by such a thing. Wonder what the Brits think of them... I can retire my tea pot and my tea cozy? Not too much of a problem.

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy tea making - thanks for linking to Open House as everyone needs to see this!

  3. Oooh - happy birthday to you! Your new tea maker sounds wonderful. I think I'll have a cup of tea to celebrate YOU!

  4. Yeah, now I want one two! Or actually two since hubby and I have different tastes in tea.

    Happy Birthday Week!

  5. OH I'd love to know the brand of tea maker to order one! Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing such delightful things on your blog!

  6. That is some high tech tea maker. How fun to have a new toy in the house along with some new teas to try. Have you found one you particularly love?

  7. My 14 year old thinks that me and his father make the best cup of tea so always asks us to make one for him. :) That little machine sounds very cool. Tammy


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