Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pour Yourself a Cuppa Tea

Pour yourself a cuppa tea. It's time for a little "show and tell". 

The ladies at our small, rural quilt guild are amazing! They are such prolific and talented quilters. At each monthly sewing bee, group members arrive with quilts that they have completed. Each has a story to tell. Most quilts are made by loving mothers, grandmothers, or aunts for someone who lights up their life. These are the quilts that were brought for "show and tell" at our March sewing session.

Some creators have comments like "It was nothing, just two jelly rolls from Walmart and an idea". But, I think this one really turned into something charming!

This quilt is a stunning maze of many small pieces! The border alone would take me forever to piece! Isn't it pretty?

And another pieced quilt, this one in a beautiful palate of rust and blue.

And a quilt just perfect for March! Kites! It's so spring-like and whimsical. Such a delight! This quilt is another example of "no pattern, just an idea" that was implemented to perfection!

How blessed I am to know these talented, creative women!


  1. Oh those quilts are all a delight. I am impressed by each quilter's unique creativity. The kites are adorable on their sky of blue. Thank you for sharing these works of art.

  2. These are real labors of love - colors and designs - fantastic!

  3. Lovely! I so enjoying looking at wonderfully made quilts!

  4. Wow, those are all works of art!

  5. Yes, you are blessed and they are all gorgeous!


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