Monday, March 25, 2013

Quilt Show

Our local quilt guild had its big "yearly show" last week-end. The convention center was filled with a hoard of enthusiastic quilters. More than 400 quilts were displayed, all of which were made by guild members.

Our "small town" guild members enjoyed visiting one another, viewing the displayed quilts, and browsing vendor booths. The "small town" guild is a part of the "city" guild.

 Smile, Karleen and Judy!

Connie poses with a pretty smile!

Verna and Jane pause in their quest for just the right color and pattern for a future quilt project! Each vendor booth was unique, as each shop specializes in different types of fabric genre.

Debbie was working a booth that was selling 108" yardage for quilt backing. She made sure we signed up for a yardage drawing. And guess what! I won!

Arleen breezed through with her husband. She is the founder of our local "small town" group.

Karleen and Julie enjoy a long visit. Julie tells the best stories! She makes us laugh and has a wonderful perspective on life. Both of these ladies are gifted quilters. It is inspiring to be around such wonderful friends!

We all made sure we found and viewed the quilt made by "another" Judy in our "small town" guild. It's a lovely king-size quilt called Amazon Star. It was paper pieced on a foundation and is a Judy Niemeyer design. Debbie (shown above) machine quilted this quilt for Judy. This really is a stunning quilt! Judy did a fantastic job!

After all the viewing, Karleen and I made sure we stopped to enjoy a cup of tea. It was a icy, unsweetened black.


  1. I am GREEN with envy this morning! What fun you all had and how nice to see pix of all your friends. Quilters are the BEST! I have two upcoming quilt retreats to attend and I'm getting in April and one in May. Oh the fun ahead!!!
    Have a great week.

  2. How nice to be able to walk through and enjoy all that creativity!

  3. It looks wonderful.

  4. WOW! La Tea Dah, that last quilt was a stunner. Gorgeous. Susan

  5. I just love quilt shows like this one. Hi Karleen! Lucky you to have won the wide fabric.

  6. Love the quilts. Great pix. I love art, etc. that bonds people together as a community and family. Looks like a fun group to be a part of! Thanks for the heads up:)

  7. I loved the pix, La Tea Dah:) Quilts are great pieces of art that bond people together as family and community:).


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