Monday, March 11, 2013

Moments Held Dear

Moments with someone
you hold dear.

An luncheon tea.
Delicious and wholesome.
Beatrix Potter china
fills our heads with visions
of Peter Rabbit's adventures.

Time spent in conversation.
Old letters, cookbooks, family treasures.

Mugs of hot tea.
Choosing cups from a collection
of many. Oatcakes and
Hedgehog Tipsy Cake.

A Marmalady tea cozy
keeps the tea in the pot
at just the right temperature.
Floating leaves.

A cherished time
with someone so dear.
A blessing!
Afternoon tea.


  1. You can tell the most delightful stories in the most economical ways...charming post!

  2. Beautiful post! Reminders of recent tea with a dear friend. Time to go make another cup of tea and think of the blessings of moments like these.

  3. How special to hold these things dearly.
    Thanks for sharing my Marmalady's cozy too.


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