Friday, October 12, 2012

Your Favorite Blogs

Blogging has become a popular activity for people of all ages. It is truly a 'delight of the heart' to be able to expand our friendships by meeting other bloggers. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be able to meet them in person. Others, we simply meet online and treasure them just as much. The ebb and flow of blog relationships are interesting. Sometimes I find that I forget to visit some of the blogs I've always enjoyed and that my personal blog roll changes with my interests and with what is going on in the world. I think that is natural, but I am always glad to revisit those blogs that I've pushed to the back of my mind. 

Have you found this to be true for you? Do you have favorite blogs that you love to visit? In an effort to keep things fresh and interesting, why don't we share links to our favorite blogs? It's alright if you share yours. 

Just leave a comment with a link to a blog or as many blogs as you would like. Let's share the love!

Photo: Sharing lunch with three of my blogging friends.

THANK YOU for the wonderful blog links. I am slowly adding them to the Friends of Gracious Hospitality blog roll.


  1. I have so many that I couldn't name one...wait, I can name yours. ☺ I have a delightful blog roll and that's still the way I visit most of my friends in Blogdom. I prefer it over Google Reader or any of the other options. I have to remove blogs regularly when there has been no activity for six months or longer. I find that truly depressing and always hope that the Blogger will return.

  2. Oh my, La Tea Dah. What an assignment you've given us! I have SO many favorite blogs that it's soooo hard to pin them down to which ones I like better but I'll try.

    The very first blog I ever saw in Blogland was Cindy's My Romantic Home. She's in California and I still check into her blog regularly.

    I love Sandie's Chatty Crone. She's in Georgia and is a hoot. Makes me smile.

    Linda, also in Georgia, shows her treasures, including her darling grandson, on A La Carte.

    Oh, Carolyn, on Prince Edward Island, has a swoon-worthy blog that I adore. It's Aiken House and gardens.

    Love seeing Rebecca's treasures on Thrifty at 63. She's in the midwest, Indiana, I think.

    Carmelina's fabulous artistic talent is shown on Creative Carmelina.

    Tammy is all the way over in Kuwait. Her blog is T's Daily Treasure.

    LeAnn shares many aspects of her life on The Old Parsonage.

    Let's see, there's Linda's super writing blog, Write from the Heart and Bookie's Claudia's Page. Those girls are in Missouri, I believe.

    Dayle, in Texas, is a beautiful writer on A Collection of This and That.

    Karen has a writing blog, too, that's super. It's called Write Now.

    I love Donna's An Enchanted Cottage and all the luscious recipes on Lorraine's With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart.

    Honestly, La Tea Dah, I could go on and on but I've taken up enough space. Don't want to slight anyone cuz I visit many other fabulous blogs.

    Thanks for letting us share! Oh! Also love coming, of course, to Gracious Hospitality! Susn

  3. Your blog and Tongue in Cheek were the first two I bookmarked and began reading regularly. Both of these blogs are still at the top of my list and where I start when I want to read and connect with a friend. My goodness, though, now my list is very long and I even have categorized into folders for favorites, Pacific Northwest blogs, Pretty blogs, famous people blogs. So when I don't have time for much reading I automatically go to my favorites.

  4. Well, since you asked. . .I'd love to tell you!

    I love visiting your blog often - even when I don't stop long enough to leave a comment.

    Marilyn's 'Delights of the Heart' is a favorite.

    Jane's 'Tickleberry Farm' on my top favorites list.

    I peek in often to see what Pat at 'Back Porch Musings' is doing.

    My dear friend, Elizabeth, at 'Just Following Jesus' always has something good to share.

    I got to visit my dear friend, Mary, at 'Mary's Meanderings' this summer. Her wonderful, Victorian home is a delight to see.

    Penny, at 'The Comforts of Home' inspires me.

    'Behind the Gate' is fairly new to me - and a gorgeous blog!

    Trina, at 'A Country Farmhouse' always delights me with her fabulous country home and doings - and she doesn't live far from me. (In fact, you drive close to her home when you drive this way to see your kids - or me!)

    There are so many more listed on my blogroll. Too many to name here. Every blog I visit seems to have something special and I wish I had time to visit them all often!


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