Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crimson Light on Autumn Forest

The seasons are changing. Autumn gives poets so much to write about. Descriptive words, colorful phrases, and imagined pictures of autumn work together so well in poetry and prose. I enjoy reading a poem quickly at first, and then re-reading it once or twice more so I can savor the words and the word-pictures that enter my mind as the repeat takes place. Take a moment to enjoy this autumn poem and see what pictures it paints in your mind.

"Summer's glory lies in ruins --- for the forest is afire --- Richly glows the crimson light on burnished dome and golden spire. Towers of jade collapse and rumble: walls of amber crack and crash. Leafy cities of the woodland fall in clouds of dust and ash.

Rafters of the green cathedrals --- roofs of beechen colonnades --- Hang in charred and burning beams across the blue and smoky glades. . . But Nature's unseen architects will work in silence day and night --- to build the mansions of the Spring upon this red and ruined site."

~ Poem ~ Patience Strong ~
~ Photo ~ Our cabin-neighbor's grandsons ~


  1. Beautiful poem! Have never read it before...

    Somebody has some cute grandsons.

  2. Lovely poem and I'm glad I've moved to a part of the country where I can understand it better. Those boys look like they are enjoying themselves!

  3. I do love this poem. It exemplifies that colors of the season so well that they just dance in my mind with exuberance.


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