Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Way Great-Grandmother Did

"That's the way Great-grandmother did it. She looked in the larder, the cellar and then took a walk through the garden to see what she had. And then she made menus for the next couple days."

~ Carla Emory ~

*Do you cook with an electric or gas range? Which do you prefer and why? This is my cabin range and I love how instantly it heats. I think I prefer the electric oven at home for baking though.*


  1. I am doing this right now. I believe in a stocked freezer and pantry, but the balance is way off right now. Some things get used up faster than others and then I find myself off to the grocery store. But thankfully I caught myself this time and am frequently cleaning the shelves and reorganizing to see what's there, and getting creative in using it up.

  2. I prefer a gas stove and oven just because that's what I know...grew up with...etc. I only had an electric stove for a short time (military housing) and couldn't get used to it. I think it was because if I turned something down, I expected it to turn down quickly. That stove didn't. I burned a lot of stuff.

    I believe in a well-stocked pantry. Do I have one? Not as good as I'd prefer. There's a shopping trip coming to remedy that I hope.

  3. Hi La Tea Dah...I like my electric range. It heats up rapidly. I'm happy with it. However, when I had a gas range, I loved that, too! Take care and have a nice Wednesday. Susan

  4. For so many years I dream of having a gas range and finally I have it and love it for the cooking on the stove top. I would, like you, probably prefer electric for baking in the oven. Now why don't they make a stove like that.


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