Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living Simply

"Living simply means
concentrating on
what's important in
light of eternity,
and not taking the rest
of life too seriously."

Annie Chapman


  1. I think it's the combination of perspective and humour that's the key here. Focusing on what is important is excellent, but good humour is indispensable. If you can laugh at yourself, I think you can also laugh at life, even when life gets a little less pleasant :)


  2. The perfect definition of "simple living". Thanks for the reminder of why I want to live a simple life.

  3. Such true words, La Tea Dah. Hope you have a nice Wednesday! Susan

  4. Nice! I like the idea of not taking life to seriously. In my thoughts alot right now.

  5. Catching up a bit. This is just perfect for our 'new' retirement. Simple living is in the 'front' of our minds all the time now.


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