Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Autumnal Equinox, Coats, & Tea

There's a chill in the air. A weather change has taken place with the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox has signaled a change of seasons. Leaves are turning a golden brown and there's morning dew on the lawn each day. A friend nearby reported freezing conditions at her place this morning and is spending today completing harvest of her garden produce, as two more nights of below freezing temperature are forecast. These are the kinds of days when tea is best taken hot and when one starts finding jackets and coats that have been lining the back of closets for the past six months.

Speaking of coats, my mind wanders to coats and fashion. As a child, sis and I had a "good coat" that lasted one season, usually more. Two years out of a "good coat" was considered the norm. It was not a jacket, but a full-length coat that went well over the dresses that we wore to church and school. A jacket was needed for casual wear, but casual meant hiking, working in the garden, or camping wear. It was rare that a jacket was worn around town, to school, or church. On a daily basis, when we needed warmth, it was our dress coat that we wore. Is that how it was for you as well? Sis and I had simple coats, sometimes adorned with double-breasted gold buttons or a zip-on hood. In those days, fur was starting to go out of fashion unless it was fake and fuzzy! 

I used to enjoy looking at pictures of women in coats from days gone by. I still do! Such fashion flair they had! A coat was a very important item in the wardrobe! In the top photo you can see two pictures of Aunt Pansy. She always had such style! Her fox cape and muff were in high style, I'm sure, but would not be politically correct in our day. The second photo is one I rescued from a sale bin at a local thrift store. I have no idea who the people are, but the photo just seemed important to save and treasure. Look at those fashionable coats! I wonder what the occasion was for this photo op? Do you think they went inside for afternoon tea? So much to wonder about.

Think back in time to all the coats you have owned. Which was your favorite? And why? Can you describe it?


  1. Awww, so we're heading down Memory Lane are we? Okay, I started nodding right away. We had good coats that we wore to church, school, and on shopping trips. My mother often made over larger coats found at the Good Will or given to her by family members or friends. One such redo was my favorite. It was red wool and had a double row of brass buttons. It was heavy and very warm. I wore it with my black boots up to my knees that zipped on the inside and was probably the only reason I got them on as I have a smaller foot for my calf size. Anyway, I struck a smashing figure or so I thought. ;>

    Love the old photos and the fashions. Interesting how the button and the entire coat hem comes up for the coat to be buttoned on an angle like that in the woman's on the right in the last photo. We only recently ditched the raccoon coats of my grandmother's day...too damaged by mildew to rescue and for what? I don't know if there was anything to be done for them. My mother always wanted them to be made into stuffed animals for her grandkids. That never happened.

  2. The coat I remember most was the first coat I bought myself when I graduated high school and got a job.It was 1974 and my choice was a double breasted 'Camel hair' coat with a real fur collar. Was belted and I just loved that thing. Came down to my knees. Remember them? Very light caramel color with gold buttons. Then I bought the 3 piece suit (jacket, skirt & pants) to match. LOL! Thanks for the memory ... my first time posting here but I have been following you for a long time ...

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  4. Thanks for linking up all this great information - very interesting! This stirs up memories in all of us!

  5. I don't remember any childhood coats, but like Pam bought myself a doozy when I started my first job. It was blue suede with a white fluffy collar that continued down the front. It looked great but the only problem was, with the thick lining, it was so heavy it used to hurt my shoulders when I wore it.
    I do remember growing up having a 'good' pair of shoes for church, parties and going out and my other pair that were not so dressy for school and play. Heaven forbid we ever had more than 2 pairs of shoes at once! I remedied that when I had my own money and bought a pair in almost every colour.
    I do believe the people in the photo above likely went in for tea afterwards, it would have been the fashionable thing to do.

  6. Would you believe both of my main winter coats (the dressy coat and the shorter coat... what used to be called a car coat) were purchased in the 1990s?

    They have worn very well.

    Both were extremely expensive but I got them at end-of-season clearance sales. The kind where they were half price and then you got to take off another half.

    Love those kinds of sales. I am very picky about my coats, living in an area where winters can be long and freezing cold.

  7. I remember admiring my great grandmother's coats. She always looked so elegant to me. Even when I was a teen and then in college in the 1980's a good coat was an essential part of my wardrobe. But now, things have gone so casual. I wear jackets everywhere, and when I wear a good coat to church, I've noticed that there aren't always very many others there. I've considered making myself a new coat, and likely will, if I can find the right fabric.

  8. Hello La Tea Dah....Two coats come immediately to mind, out of all the dozens that I've owned throughout my life. The first was a fire engine red coat that I got when I was a teenager. Ohhhhh, it was bright alright. It came with the highest heels you can imagine. The outfit was meant for Easter Sunday.

    Well, wouldn't you know it, I caught one of the red flashing heels on the stair run and fell down an entire set of stairs! I was okay, though. Just my pride was bruised. ha haha ha

    The second coat was a faux fur. It still lurks somewhere in a closet because I've never been able to throw it away. I always felt immensely glamorous wearing it. Plus, my dear old dad told me once when I was wearing it that I looked like a movie star! Now WHO could throw out a coat after hearing a comment like that? My dad has been gone from this earth since 1989, but I still have the coat!

    Thanks for the memories. Enjoyed your post today. Susan

  9. It was red wool! Big black buttons and a belt. With belt loops. I was all of eight - and it felt like a grown up coat. I loved it. Would love to have another one like it now!

  10. Don't have any favorites now, but I had a deep purple wool coat about 15 years ago that I loved. The cleaners lost it! I was so sad.
    Fun post.


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