Monday, October 08, 2012

Flowers of Season's End

Each autumn I like to take time to appreciate the last of the garden flowers. We've had several nights of frost, but they've not been quite cold enough to kill off the blossoms. But, I expect it will happen soon. My practice is to enjoy one last walk around the yard, admiring the flowers and picking some to arrange in the house so they can be enjoyed close-up.

My bouquet is eclectic this year. Among roses in pink, yellow, and lavender are dark burgundy snap-dragons, lavender, and black-eyed Susan. It doesn't matter if the colors clash. There's something about the colors of nature that seem to compliment one another uniquely. My wild and wonderful bouquet now graces the coffee table. It brings such pleasure, and even more, knowing that it is the last of the season.

Have you picked any of your garden flowers recently?


  1. The last of the summer flowers always makes a delightful bouquet. Yours is exceptionally lovely. The Brown Eyed Susans have done well there. They didn't here nor did the Shastas. I brought in the mums and forgot all about the last of the zinnias, roses, lilies, phlox blooming and have been kicking myself. I was very relieved to hear rain in the night knowing that the promised frost would not materialize. Today I'll follow your good example and gather the last of them. (All except the rosebuds as I hope that they will bloom yet if I cover them...if I REMEMBER to cover them.)

  2. Beautifully electric!
    I picked my aged hydrangeas to put them in a vase without water. Love the muted colors of the bouquet.

  3. Hey there! Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Time is definitely not on my side of late. We still don't have a lot of flowers around here as it still feels like summer. 40 degrees and a little frost sounds mighty good to me about now. Everyone is still walking around in sandals and I am trying to pretending that it is Autumn. They think I'm crazy but I'm just tired of the same old wardrobe. Time for a change. My moss roses do continue to bloom early morning but once it gets too hot, even they close back up. Hope you have a great week. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. I'll have to go out and look and see. It is a beautiful day, and air smells so good.

  5. Beautiful bouquet, LaDonna. While I enjoy fall, I hate to say good-bye to summer.

  6. Love eclectic flower arrangements!
    I must go today and pick my own "eclectic" bouquet.


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