Thursday, October 11, 2012

Faithful Friend

Who is your most faithful friend?

I love my friends. They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Each is unique and special. They are faithful and loved. But I think my most faithful friend is the little black dog you see in this picture. Generally quiet, she can wait patiently for hours, just watching for me to come home. Sometimes she waits in the driveway, and if I am really late and it's after dark, someone usually has to go outside to bring her in. Otherwise, she would still wait. She's always there, gentle and sincere. If you take note, you'll find that she is usually wherever I am...sleeping in a chair or on the bed...or on the floor under my feet...always in the room I am in. Such loyalty and dedication, and always without flair, expectation, or pushiness. I will admit to coaxing her to her spot at the bottom of the bed sometimes, but she doesn't seem to mind. She just willingly slinks to her designated spot and goes back to sleep. Without a faithful doggy friend, life would just not be the same. Who is your most faithful friend?


  1. Well if the most faithful friend must meet those descriptions, I guess it would be the one who is snoozing right next to me as I type...Molly. She pretty much fits the description. (She's just not my favorite friend.) Cute photo of the waiting!

  2. I WISH I had a faithful furry friend. My husband has an aversion to animals. You are very fortunate to have a dedicated fur baby.

  3. Hi there, To me a house is not a home without a dog(or cat if one is a cat lover). My faithful friend is Hunter and at 10 mos old, he follows me everywhere and sleeps on our bed. He gets upset with me at times-for brushing out tangles, but he is ready to follow me again. I love your pup-she is lovely and such devotion.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I so relate to your feelings about your faithful friend. I can't imagine our home without a dog. My companion is not as quiet as yours and has a tendency to bark a bit too often. But, I love him to pieces!

  5. How sweet to have a faithful friend. Joey, my cat, is that to me. Now that is getting colder he loves being on the bed next to me for the added warmth and by day sleeping under a blanket or pillows nearby.

  6. I have some very faithful friends but, like you, I think my most faithful friend is my little dog, Joey. He is always there waiting and full of joy. He is a long-haired mini Doxie - not as quiet as your faithful friend - but ever watching over me! At my side when no one else is around. Under the covers beside me when my sweetheart was away last night!


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