Friday, October 19, 2012

Joyful Yellow of Autumn

Cheerful and clear, yellow is the color of autumn. Just look around you. What do you see? Where do you see the color yellow? In the leaves or squash and fruits or possibly chrysanthemums and Black-Eyed Susan's. From nature to tabletop, the color that nature favors for this season in home and garden are color the many shades of autumn!

Even the sun is yellow, and here sunlight filters onto the glass, creating a jeweled effect that is intensified by the repetition of pattern and its golden hue.

Alma's garden beams with sunshine's rays, illustrated so beautifully by the Black-Eyed Susan's she grows in her back yard.

Hen and rooster have accents in yellow, only intensified by golden beauty of a gravy boat. What a warm and friendly table they create.

Gathering collections of items in yellow and placing them in a cozy corner of the house creates a cheerful appeal on days that are growing shorter and a little more dreary as coolness sets in.
Firewood is gathered by the truckload and is stacked and ready to split for winter's use. Wood gathering has become a family ritual over the years.

Pretty marigolds add not only cheer to the outside, but make a great addition to autumn meals. Have you tried adding marigold petals to hash browns or a leafy green salad? Yummy and so beautiful!

Bowls of golden pear tomatoes are being gathered at our house. Delicious in salad with sweet onions and fresh cilantro, they are in such abundance that they are also being dried and roasted for winter use.

October's color can be found in a campfire. It's golden glow signals just the right coals for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs --- and it's warmth keeps the toes of those whom you love nearby so nice and toasty!

Right now a golden cup of pumpkin tea and a nugget of brown sugar cube sound like the perfect way to welcome an autumn evening and the close of a lovely day. Life is full and busy right now. Autumn is the season of transition --- of season and of life. It's a time to enjoy the day that God has blessed us with, for abundance and blessings. 

I hope your A U T U M N is beautiful and abundant!


  1. I love your sweet little play teapot, and the amber glass and the black eyed susans. Those pear tomatoes are my favorite!!

  2. Love your yellows, my favorite color.
    Autumn is indeed beautiful with the yellows, reds, and oranges of the season.

  3. What a great post. I love how you found all the yellow in so many places. Wonderful, cheerful color, isn't it? Beautiful teacup in the last picture. Look like you have two. :)
    Ruthie from:

  4. I love your yellow post. What a clever idea. It is such a cheerful color, isn't it? I have lots of yellow in my house. You were clever to find it in so many places and so creatively. I Love your yellow teacup. Looks like there are two of them. :)
    Have a sunny day, Ruthie from:

  5. Now you know I love yellow! Your photos and words called my name and I'm ready to go play with yellow around my home today.

  6. Oh, this was a wonderful post! I've been so lax in commenting, but just had to come back to this one and tell you that it brought joy to my heart just to sit and relax and enjoy the Yellow!!! The yellow tea cup with the roses inside - just luscious!!!! (what is the pattern - I want to look for one!!) And pumpkin tea - where do I find it!!! Oh thank you for refreshing my soul!!


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