Monday, July 02, 2012

Best Wedding Wishes

We enjoyed a lovely week-end with Dad and Alma. They were here to attend the wedding of one of Dad's friends from grade school and high school days. It's precious to observe a friendship that has endured distance and time. It's also fun to listen to Dad tell stories of the adventures and experiences he and his buddy had while they were kids. There's nothing better than sipping tea while listening to Dad tell stories!

Congratulations to Juanita and Ed! Wishing you a happy marriage and many wonderful years together!


  1. Anonymous3:27 AM

    What a lovely photo. The bride is beautiful. Love the headband!

  2. How sweet is that! Love her dress and head band!

  3. Love at any age is just lovely. Dear friends sharing events of life just precious.

  4. Beautiful friendships - and love! Your words reminded me of my dear father-in-law who remarried when he was ninety years old. His bride was eighty-eight and they had a few years of the most wonderful bliss every dreamed possible. Trusting this sweet couple will share the same.


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