Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Sweet summertime! The days may be hot, but the automatic sprinkler system faithfully works every night to water the gardens and lawn. The reward is a lush, green paradise in the midst of tumbleweeds and sagebrush in the fields nearby. This is the time of year that lavender sends forth long stalks of lavender blossoms. Whenever I walk past a lavender plant, I cannot help but brush my hand on the buds and sometimes even squish them between my fingers to release their glorious scent. I know, I am a bit crazy about lavender, but who wouldn't be! While out and about in the yard, I not only see and smell lavender, but I hear the mournful yet soothing sound of the mourning doves. They nest in the pine tree near the corner of the house each summer. At the first dawn they start cooing back and forth, calling to one another in gentle tones. To some this might be bothersome, but it's a sound I enjoy each summer day. "Our" doves have discovered the bird feeder outside of the kitchen window. They fit right in with the sparrows, juncos, black-birds, and goldfinches. The grain from the feeder has made them silky and fat! I think we have the fattest mourning doves in the neighborhood! They are plump and beautiful. Doves and lavender. A delicious cup of chilled tea in the garden. Such simple pleasures that sweet summertime brings. What pleasures do you find in nature during this season?


  1. Oh how I'd love to hear mourning doves as dawn is ushered in. Instead we have a murder of crows...that's a good name for the raucous bunch as I'd love to murder'em.

    Yes, back to lavender and mourning doves cooing...all seems right with the world on such mornings, I'm sure.

  2. I love the way our automatic sprinklers keep the 'world' around my home green and bright. We have mourning doves living somewhere nearby. A few days ago as I was walking in my yard one of them flew to the street light above my corner. His sound was pleasant - I'm sure he was talking to me!

    Loved having lunch with you yesterday, dear friend. I only wish we could have had more time together! Some day, perhaps.

  3. All the Oregon Berries!!!!! I'm amazed and how many there are and how long they last!

  4. I also love seeing the doves each morning at my feeder. They sometimes try to chase the squirrels away, so there is more for them. I also must swipe my hand over the lavender whenever I walk by. I agree also with Steph and the Oregon berries, just delicious. Also loving the flowers in the garden and the cool morning air coming in my office door. Love also spending time with friends.

  5. I thought of you today when I passed the lavender booth in the downtown Portland Farmer's Market.


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