Monday, July 09, 2012

Cabin Critters

I've shared tea times and wildflowers from our cabin, but our animal guests are a bit camera shy and more difficult to photograph for sharing. Sometimes we can see deer observing us from the woods; elk grazing in the meadow or drinking from the spring; or bears grubbing for bugs in stumps in the woods. I'm generally too slow with my camera or they are too far away for me to get a good shot.  Early this summer we installed a trail camera that is motion activated and takes pictures day or night. It's been fun to see who are visitors are. This meowing bobcat is right outside the cabin and looks to be sauntering to the area by the fire pit.

A deer is by the shadow of the cabin. Of all the animals captured by the camera's eye, they win for being in the greatest majority!

The elk come in second. Once one walked right up to the camera and sniffed on the lens! Then he changed the camera perspective, making for interesting, skewed photos for awhile!

And this young bear is headed into the space between the woodshed and the outhouse. He found an aluminum funnel that was set on a ledge by the generator station and chewed it up! I doubt it tasted very good, but he was curious.

A young buck grazed in the meadow among the wildflowers.

A wild turkey on the cabin's circle drive. All I can say for him is that he is fortunate that he's visiting a family of vegetarians! He's one safe Thanksgiving turkey!

I'll post updates as they become available. We know there are many mountain lions, coyotes, and a wolf pack in our area. Maybe someday they'll be in the camera's eye as well.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Loved seeing your 'guests'! I wouldn't want to have them sneak up on me!

  2. Wonderful photos; I think it would be so intriguing to live up close and personal to all the animals. Don't know whether you have any dogs/cats that are outside but Coyotes are extremely sneaky with luring dogs away from a house and then attacking them. They'll even use a female in heat to draw a male dog away.
    Thanks for sharing such great pics.

  3. Oh my, you really have a great collection of wild life at the cabin. How fun to have installed that camera!

  4. What an intriguing thing to do. You have me wondering about what's going on outside our doors as the dog is quite sure that something is most evenings. Fantastic captures. Does it make you nervous?


  6. O.M.G. La Tea Dah. Those photos were utterly and absolutely amazing. Uhhhhh, bear near the outhouse? Think my kidneys'd have to split before I ventured out there at night. Uh uh. No way, Jose.

    What a lovely spot, though. SOOOO close to nature. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  7. That's a great idea to put up the trail camera to catch all the action. Have you ever encountered a bobcat or bear while you are out and about? Have a great day. Tammy

  8. How exciting to see your visitors. They are all gorgeous! I am actually most amazed to see that beautiful turkey. I have seen wild turkeys before, but not such a beauty. I guess we need to put a camera like that in my back yard, laughing. We recently saw a coyote walk down our alley right here in the middle of the city.


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