Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Passion for Tea

Do you have a passion for tea? Hattie Ellis does, and she writes all about it in this delightful little book called "A Passion for Tea". Published by Ryland Peters & Small, this book contains a wealth of information about preparing a perfect cup of tea. Artistic photography by Debi Treloar accompanies each page. Ms. Ellis starts by explaining the origins of tea and of the different tastes of tea from around the world. Then she explains how to make this versatile beverage, including buying, storing, and using the best equipment for the task of tea making. The finer points of tea service are shared, beginning with adding citrus, milk, and sugar. Then she discusses pairing tea with food. The author doe not forget to talk about tea's health benefits. Before she's done, she shares some of the main points of specific types of tea service and gives some delightful recipes for tea, the beverage. Although this is a small book, it's packed full of information. As the description on the back cover states, this book has "Enough facts and flavors to refresh any tea lover. Perfect with a slice of cake!"

I'll be sharing about other tea books in my collection as times goes on. In the meantime, see if your library has this helpful book so you can enjoy it too!

Teacup: the marking says D & C - France. It was a $2.99 find at Goodwill.

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