Saturday, July 07, 2012

Little Gardens of Serenity

On a recent visit to a plant nursery nearby, I found some beautiful little trees. I fell in love with them. Just like their larger counterparts, these are tiny versions of what's in shrub beds nearby. 

So, I purchased them as well as some plants that complemented their small size. 

Three ceramic pots in graduated sizes later, I was ready to begin my planting adventures.

In the largest pot, I planted the Japanese hinoki cypress. It's one of my favorite shrubs and I was delighted to find such a tiny version whose name is "Maureen".  Creeping thyme, hen and chicks, and other sedums filled in the blanks. Marble, from the quarry on Uncle Clifton's Arizona ranch, added pretty contrast. For decor, two small pottery pieces that I bought in Mexico years ago. And in honor of Libby, Fiddlesticks, Jetta, and Razberi...loving schnauzers we've had in the past...I added two schnauzer figurines. 

The shrub featured in this planter is a "Blue Pygmy" juniper. It is another shrub that is frequently used in local landscapes. I love its compact shape. This time I added a piece of petrified wood for accent and planted another type of creeping thyme and a few more sedums. Cat figurines remind me of our faithful cat, Samson. I still miss him. He was our cat that always rules our schnauzers, even when it was three against one!

The last shrub is a Japanese holly called "Dwarf Pagoda". It is used in landscaping to create nice hedges and borders. I chose this specific one because I love its shape and the small, shiny leaves. More marble from Arizona, sedums, and thyme filled in the blanks. The figurines are memory pieces for my sister and me. They were purchased on a trip to the California redwoods --- more than forty years ago. It is difficult to see in the picture, but in addition to the rocks and figurines, each container holds a wire hanger with a hanging basket as well.

Thank you for visiting and letting me show you my little gardens of serenity. 


  1. These are simply precious! Thanks for sharing... looks like you had fun putting them together.

  2. Dish gardens with "pets" included! Great job! I find dish gardening to be quite tricky in summer especially on days with hot dry winds but the tiny gems are worth the effort.
    I have seen one that actally had a tiny stream flowing through to figure out how to get a very tiny bird to sing in the dish garden...

  3. Wonderful! I love the way you put your sweet, little gardens together.

    Did you know we are finally going to meet? At Marilyn's in a couple of weeks! Oh, Joy!!!

  4. Oh, gosh, La Tea Dah, those are adorable. Great job! Susan

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