Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tea Party in your Cupboard

There is a new book gracing my shabby chic coffee table. It fits perfectly there and is special not only because it's a great book, but because it was written by my friend, Marilyn. Her book made its debut this month, and such a beautiful book it is. In it, she has combined her love for afternoon tea and photography. She's also included instructions for making a perfect cup of tea and recipes for many of her favorite tea foods. In her book's introduction she says that her book "is for the impromptu or simple tea party for yourself, one or two people, or a small group". Her book illustrates perfectly how this can be accomplished by serving something as simple as tea and toast or by using ingredients you have on hand in your kitchen cupboard to put together quick fillings for tea sandwiches, simple scones, and sweets. Each time you turn the page there is one of her beautiful photographs illustrating a recipe or cup of tea. Marilyn's book is hardcover and the perfect size to add to a home vignette when not being used for the delicious recipes inside it's covers. I found the forty pages perfect for perusing and a great inspiration to take a look at what's in my kitchen cupboard that would be good for afternoon tea! 

You can visit Marilyn's blog at Delights of the Heart. She can also be found at Marmalady's where she sells her lovely tea jams and original patterns that she has designed for tea time convenience (tea cozies, aprons, and table quilts and more). Additionally, you can see pictures of a delightful tea we shared together at Maryhill on one of my previous blog posts. Note the beautiful copper tea kettle that Marilyn uses to make perfect cups of picnic tea. So delish!


  1. Oh my goodness! How lovely of you to write such a beautiful post on my new book, etc. I had so much fun writing this book and a even more fun sharing it with tea friends. We have walked through the world of tea for sometime and it has been a real joy.

  2. Oh I will visit and see what Marilyn has been up to...all good things from the sounds of this post. You've definitely got my curiosity piqued.

  3. I didn't know Marilyn wrote a book! How exciting!

    I may have to give up tea when I go on the diet to prevent against kidney stones :-(

    I like the idea of having a cupboard with pull out drawers. My daughter has that too!



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