Saturday, April 09, 2011

Planning for Lavender

Do you enjoy the fragrance and flavor of lavender?  Some do, and a few don't.  It will be a month or so before the Spanish lavender starts blooming.  A few weeks after that, the Grosso, Hidcote, Munstead, and other lavenders will start to bloom proficiently!  If you don't have any lavender in your garden, it's time to plan ahead.  If you buy a gallon container of lavender from a nursery and plant it in your garden, you can enjoy blossoms of your own this summer.  Once the lavender starts to bud, keep watch.  Just before the buds start to blossom, harvest the lavender and place them in a warm place (outside of direct sunlight) to dry.  Once dry, remove the bud by rubbing the stems and bud between your hands.  Use a screen large enough to allow the bud to pass through, leaving the stems and leaves on the screen.  You can then use the cleaned lavender for cooking or crafts.  Here's one way of using lavender in your kitchen or for gifts, so plan ahead!

Lavender Sugar ~ flavor sugar by burying a few sprigs or bud in a bowl of sugar, and let the mixture sit for few weeks; this makes a sweet gift! Place lavender sugar in a small glass jar. Add a jar with ring and cover with tulle or cotton print. Tie with a pretty bow and add a silver teaspoon for serving into a delicious cup of tea!


  1. I tried growing lavender and it fizzled out. Perhaps the soil was not sandy enough. Surely, I could grow it in a pot. The scent is wonderful outside, but a bit too strong for me inside. A very faint, tired sachet is about all I can tolerate indoors. I've had lavender sugar and really loved it, though. Okay, that settles it, I'll put it on my garden list for the end of May.

  2. I've got Hidcote and one other variety but it looks like I need the one there with the little feathery flares on top. :o)

  3. We planted 20 lavender plants last year to line our front entrance. I can't wait to see what they do this year. They are coming alive and ready to grow soon.

  4. I love lavender. I had two plants in my front yard but they began to take over everything. After taking them out I realized I had planted the wrong kind for the space I have.

    Thank you for this information. I've wanted to plant more and harvest it to use for wonderful things. Now I must get busy and make plans to add it back to my garden!

  5. I ADORE lavender! I use it for all sorts of things from food and teas to pillows and scrubs. It is an amazing flower. I love it so much my little niece now associates all things lavender with her Aunt Kim.


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