Monday, April 18, 2011

The Honeymooner's Tulips

After a rainy week, the sun decided to shine this week-end, coaxing flowering buds to show their faces.  The tulips cautiously opened wide, responding to the brighter days.  I was delighted that the honeymooner's tulips finally blossomed!  I think they are beautiful!  I love their ruffled and lacy petals and the way the colors meld together, fading from one shade to the next, in variegated harmony.  Thank you to the honeymooners for so thoughtfully purchasing them for me during their honeymoon trip to Holland.

All winter long the plain, brown bulbs have been dormant in the soil, being conditioned by cold temperatures so that they could bloom magnificently this spring.  Curious as to the meaning of tulips in the language of flowers, I found my Kate Greenway book (thank you, Paula) and looked them up.  The meanings perfectly fit the love the honeymooners share.  

Red tulip = Declaration of love
Variegated tulip = Beautiful eyes
Yellow tulip = Hopelessly in love

I know that some of you enjoy putting together vignettes, so I thought I'd share about this one.  The antique sugar dish was a gift from a friend.  It is scattered with an old-fashioned tulip print.  The teacup and saucer are fine porcelain in another tulip theme.  It came from my mother's collection.  The porcelain is so delicate that you can see the shadow of your hand behind it when you hold it up to light.  The photo on the card was taken by our son in Amsterdam.  And the teapot is St. Petersburg Russian Lomonosov Porcelain and was a gift from Rylan on a Christmas past.  I am thankful for my three children whom I adore.  Such thoughtful gifts they give.

I hope you enjoy the honeymooner's tulips along with me today.
Be blessed with sunshine and joy!


  1. Oh my goodness! They are lovely! I think the pink and cream color combination is taking my eye or perhaps it is the frills. I've never seen anything like it. What a sweet gift that's going to keep right on giving...

  2. I've never seen those before, they are beautiful!

    We lived in Holland, Michigan for almost nine years and we saw lots of tulips but I don't remember those.

    In Holland (MI), they plant thousands and thousands of bulbs but they mix by season as well as color so for their Tulip Time Festival, they will have tulips (early, mid, and late bloomers).

    A friend was over recently and I was sharing with her where some of the pretty things were from... I realized just how many were from my daughter. :)

  3. Oh they are gorgeous! Your vignette is lovely, too.

  4. Oh, La Tea Dah, the Honeymooners tulips are very beautiful. I never saw them before. Wow. Lovely. Thanks for sharing such a precious gift.

    Your vignette is special, too. Those items were purchased with love so they are extra precious. Susan

  5. How beautiful. The tulips are stunning and your collectibles... real treasures!

  6. Beautiful! And so full of meaning. And love!

  7. Yay! They are gorgeous!
    Enjoy them...

  8. The tulips are so beautiful and worth the wait in anticipating their blooms

    Lovely vignette too. A pretty collection gathered from those you love dearly.

  9. OH! ..that is the loveliest honeymoon gift I've ever seen. .such a sweet thought. I can imagine how you must have watched for them to bloom.

  10. They are beautiful. Thank you.


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