Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sharing Mother's Flowers

"Flowers are a simple luxury that my mother taught me to appreciate."
~ Kimberly Whitman ~

I found the Kimberly Whitman quote in the latest issue of Traditional Home magazine today.  I could identify with it so well.  My mother was a quintessential gardener and florist.  She had a love for flowers that started at a very  young age and that remained with her for her entire life.  The snapshot montage above illustrates this appreciation from her young life as a child in Chilliwack, BC to her adult years at our family home.  She is the young blond woman shown with her sister, Evie, and brother, Harvey.  They must have had some community flower exhibits and competitions, as pictures show her winning trophies during several years in her young life.  

Mother shared her love of flowers with everyone around her.  Her flowers graced the church chancel year around.  She was called upon to provide floral arrangements for weddings, banquets, and retreats.  It was common for her to take a small bouquet of flowers to a neighbor, or a nursing home, or to share with her kindergarten students in the classroom.  When people thought of mom they frequently associated her with flowers.  She used what brought joy to her heart to bring joy to the hearts of others.

Mom gathered poems, quotes, and verses about flowers.  Some of them she typed onto index cards and then decorated them with stickers.  She would pass them out to those around her, sharing the words that meant so much to her with others.  My sister and I divided the remaining cards between us so that we could remember and share too.  Today I'm sharing one of those cards with you (above).  I hope it blesses you this spring.


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  2. What a wonderful blessing to have such precious things of your Moms. This post makes me think of my own precious Mother. She loved flowers and gardening. I do too. Thanks and blessings!

  3. That was lovely, La Tea Dah. Beautiful sentiments.

    I can only imagine what a wonderful woman your mom must have been. Anyone who loves flowers and nurtures them has a special gift. Then, to share that gift with others makes is priceless.

    I think you must take after her. Susan

  4. Beautiful! Your sweet mother left you so many lovely sentiments. All are blessings!


  5. Sweet thoughts about your mother's love and creativity with flowers :)

  6. Simply beautiful LaDonna. Blessing on you also!


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