Thursday, March 03, 2011


"RELUCTANTLY Spring makes her way --- At Winter's edge she hesitates, as if she feared to come too soon.  The primrose halts, the wind-flower waits --- for Spring's green cloak is flecked with snow, and in her tresses wild and bright --- a dew of frost glints in the gold and sparkles in the sun's cold light."

~ Patience Strong ~


  1. Spring is definitely hesitating around here....probably worried that a snowstorm will freeze all her crocuses! ha! Take care and have a nice Friday! Susan

  2. I love the quote and especially love the photo. I need primroses at my house.

  3. Come Spring Come! I am so ready for Spring to make herself at home and stay awhile. Blessings!

  4. That's a great way to display primroses and little spring things.

  5. A poem that had stuck with me:

    March I hate you,
    For you are married to winter
    But holding hands with spring.

  6. I do think Spring is more reluctant this year. When I look at pictures from last year I can see the difference. We went walking today to take spring pictures and the crocus didn't even want to open for us, they were very reluctant.


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