Monday, March 14, 2011

A New Note

"There's a new note in the choirs that sing upon the leafless boughs.  There's a new song in the air today --- a song that seems to rouse --- and resurrect the life within, grown cold in winter hours --- Waking all the old sweet dreams --- of blossoms, buds and flowers.  There's a new hope in the world today because of this glad sound.  There's an urgent and an upward thrust of green things in the ground.  There's a new joy in the hearts of men because of this strange note:  this rapturous reveille from some little feathered throat."

~ Patience Strong ~


  1. I heard no birdsong when out this morning, but there was something in the air that smelled like spring and it took me back to 1960-something waiting for the schoolbus. Funny how that can happen. Thank you for all the beautiful things you share here...always a pleasure to visit.

  2. We saw so many beautiful birds on our trip to Pt. Townsend this past weekend, even eagles.


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