Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Party Will Keep

The dollies all wonder
when tea will be served,
Sitting propped in their chairs,
erect and reserved.

The teapot is full
and cookies are there,
But my little girl
is not in her chair.

The puppy dog waits
with eyes at the door,
Hoping that crumbs may
yet reach the floor.

But her favorite doll
leans back with a smile. . .
She has spied her mistress
all this while

Curled up in a blanket
in deepest sleep;
Too weary from play. . .

The party will keep!  


~ Joy Belle Burgess ~


  1. This is cute as can be. I can't imagine my once little, now bigger then me, little girl ever falling asleep if there was a party to prepare for, but if it ever did happen, yes, "the party can keep." I made it a rule to never wake a sleeping "baby."

  2. What a cute poem and picture. Yes, sometimes the party will keep.

  3. Adorable photo and poem! Susan


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