Thursday, January 14, 2010


Have you noticed how each month of the year has a different focus?  Although it is frequently established by advertising and commercialism, there is some truth to the fact that we focus on different things each month of the year.  January is the month for setting new goals and organizing our lives and homes.  It's also the month that department stores offer their best sales on plastic storage containers, organizing units for closets and kitchens, and tools for keeping track of stuff.  Label makers, Rubbermaid, and under the bed storage units are in easy view on store shelves.  Even television programs bring this theme into focus.  Home and Garden Television is featuring many programs on de-cluttering, hoarding vs. un-hoarding, and quick organization tips.  Additionally, health clubs, weight loss centers, and exercise equipment vendors are doing their part in helping focus on an individuals health and wellness.  But with all the focus on freshening up the inside of a home or the appearance of an individual, commericalism does not entice many to work on the heart.  Fortunately, supportive friends and acquaintances do their part in bringing this into view.  I've noticed that many of my friend, both in cyberspace and in my community offer helpful support in bringing what's important into focus.  Renewed emphasis on journaling, prayer notebooks, and outlines for establishing priorities are shared by friends who care and share.  They remind me that the external is simply a reflection of what the individual has nurtured and inculcated inside their heart and mind.    As I strive to seek that which is really important, I am encouraged by a quote of Alexandra Stoddard which helps me to recognize that the outside is simply a reflection of my heart.  She writes that "our true home is inside each of us.  Our houses are the outward expression of something we have already achieved."  Inside out, a reflection of our heart.


  1. I am also working on renewal. It will be hard, but I want to declutter things a bit also. I just love my stuff!!!lusle

  2. Yes, and our hearts reveal us for who we truly are. Scary thought sometimes! No decluttering here yet...the days are cold and all I can manage is to hunker down and sip tea and read a bit here and there...lovely tea set!

  3. I love the thoughts you wrote about. Our homes do reflect our heart. I had better go declutter. I made a list, does that help? It is overwhelming right now.

  4. Good prices on bras too! I just got a "renewal" in that department! I'm about to shovel out my storage in the crawl space.


  5. Enjoyed your post.
    Goals are important but sometimes I am intimidated by too much "structure."
    This month, I get to start the new year off with a new hip! Looking forward to a healthy and quick recovery!
    Blessings to you and yours ~


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