Friday, January 08, 2010

Bunny Prints in the Snow

Little rabbit prints converge under a bridge at the wildlife refuge as they search for food or shelter.  Although the wildlife refuge seems quiet on a cold winter day, signs of life are all around.  Prints from rabbit, deer, birds, and coyote cross the trail as we walk along the refuge trail.  Groups of birds rustle in the tall grasses or fly from the branches of the Russian olive trees as we walk by.  The seeds and berries from grasses, shrubs, and trees provide a great source of food during the cold months of winter.   Because the ponds are frozen, the geese, ducks, and pelicans that usually live there are gone.  They have moved to sections of a nearby river that are not frozen solid.  Quiet reins, yet signs of other life are in evidence as footprints in the snow.  

Can't you just imagine the rabbits hopping along on the ice?   


  1. Nice photo La Tea Dah. What state are you in, I wonder? Our lakes in Massachusetts are all iced over, too, and I always look at the ice fishermen and wonder how they can DO that sport! Brrrrrr. Thanks for your lovely post. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Very pretty...yes, lots of evidence that they've been there...were you able to catch a glimpse?

  3. Love seeing the bunny prints in the snow.


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