Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Art of Waiting

The Art of Waiting

Do waiting periods have value?  Yes!

They compel us to reaffirm or deny our belief in what is coming.

They cause us to attach value to the coming event.  The more we value it, the longer the wait seems.  And even the more we dread it, the longer the wait seems.

They allow us a time to change --- to change or reaffirm our beliefs and practices.

They give us tie to discover something new.

And they afford time for us to share our lives with others.

These are notes from my journal from a long time ago.  I wonder what I was waiting for?  I'm sure these are notes taken from something I had been reading.  They apply to my life, and possibly yours, as much now as they did then.  It seems like as humans we are always 'waiting' for something!  It appears there is great value in the process.

Thank you for your comments!  I have enjoyed and appreciated them.  It's wonderful to know that many of you journal as well.  I especially enjoyed a quote Brenda shared in relationship to 'how' journaling helps remind her to go forward with personal growth.  Here it is:
"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily." John C. Maxwell

If you have the time, read the other comments from readers posted the past few days.  I think you will enjoy the perspectives. 


  1. We are in several different "waiting" positions right now...
    It is always an interesting process full of revelations about ourselves.
    Brings you back to center knowing who really is in control...

  2. Yes, I would agree that we are always waiting for something or perhaps a different way to say it is that we are always looking forward to something. Just now, I think the entire country is waiting for or looking forward to "something." Interesting to think about. Do you always think such deep thoughts in January? January itself is a waiting time, of course.

  3. Hahaha...on myself. I just finished reading your most recent posting and saw that you'd used the John Maxwell quote. I was going to leave a message that that quote has been meaningful too, until I realized the Brenda you referred to was ME!

    Isn't blogging fun.... we get to meet so many interesting people and they all add something precious to the journey.

    I love your background and so I had to go visit the graphic fairy and see what else she has to share.

    Keep cozy! Brenda

  4. Love the Maxwell quote. I was just thinking recently about how fast the years have gone by but that each was lived one day at a time.

    I've found those times when the waiting was actually painful to be when my faith muscles were being strengthened. Reminds me of the old aerobics videos when they would say we had to workout until our muscles would "feel the burn". Ouch...

  5. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Waiting is hard but I agree it does have benefits. Thank you for the good reminder. :O)

  6. Waiting periods def. build character in us! I'm not always crazy about them LOL.

    Just popping in to say hello LaTeaDah! Hugs!

  7. It's true that waiting is part of everyone's life. We are always waiting for something. Waiting with peace in our hearts is most important, rather than being anxious. I do like to think , from a spiritual perspective, that "all good things come to those who wait." It's so very, very true! Sincerely, Susan from

  8. Love seeing the pictures of your kitchen. I agree, waiting is an art and not always easy.

  9. Beautiful OCR! Is this your new kitchen? Tell the ILR girls to see it here.


  10. Waiting can be so hard - but it can be so worthwhile! It depends on what we are waiting for. I'm in more than one waiting time right now but I know God has it all under control.

    Do we get to see more of your kitchen? It looks wonderfully inviting!


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