Sunday, January 10, 2010


What are the little things you do to to seek JOY during the cold and sometimes bleak month of January? If you live where the sun doesn't shine for days upon end, it sometimes takes effort to find the small things that bring JOY. A little extra Vitamin D and some special effort to create moments of JOY can help us through this time of year. Whether it be a trip to Starbucks with a friend you haven't taken time to chat with for awhile, or taking the time to read a good book in front of a cozy fire, there are small things that can help JOY return if it is lacking in its fullness. What are your deliberate techniques for finding JOY on a cold winter day?

*Please take the time to read the comments readers are contributing to this post.  I have really enjoyed reading about things that bring you JOY!  Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  1. Usually the best that I can come up with is to either clean the house or bake. Sad isn't it?

  2. JOY my word for the year. One thing that brings me JOY is giving to others. I will be writing about that sometime this next week. But also curling up with a lovely cup of tea, a good book, and candles burning. There needs to be special sources of light like the candles; so your picture is perfect for giving JOY.

  3. How to find joy on a cold winter's day? Hmmmm. Sometimes, I like to make soup. Cookies are even better. Then I leave the oven open to let the heat warm up the kitchen. Other times, if I can, I take a nap...get right into bed and scrunch down under the covers. I always love to build a fire in the fireplace and watch the flames dance up and down. Writing my blog also is a 100% joy guarantee! Sincerely, Susan from

  4. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I like to read a book that has some focus on nature and the current season, with beautiful writing. It's also fun to discover these books serendipitously in used bookstores. I consider these "dipping into" books rather than a book to read straight through -- I'll dip into the appropriately corresponding day/month. "Wandering Through Winter" by Edwin Way Teale and "The 12 Moons of the Year" by Hal Borland are recent choices. I read these while sipping hot tea, listening to lovely music, with the fireplace and a scented candle going, cuddled under my favorite soft blanket.

  5. Ahhh, I enJOYed your posting as I think spreading joy in our world is so important. In fact, the little quote I have that runs across my computer screen when it's resting is "Scatter Joy". Whenever I catch sight of it, I'm reminded to do just that.

    Yesterday I visited the local year-round indoor Farmers' Market. That brought JOY; I love the happy hubbub and seeing the produce of gardens and potters' wheels and sewing rooms.

    Going to the library on a frosty day always brings JOY. And so does stopping in my favourite local cafe where they make the best coffees in the world (and you can sip it next to the fireplace if you like). Going into the kitchen to make a special meal or treat brings joy on cold days too.

    So thanks for sharing your thoughts....... May 2010 be full of great joy for you and yours.

  6. What brings more JOY than a quiet moment, a hot drink in my little corner, and either a good book or a little snuggler...maybe some nice piano music, too!

  7. Hello La Tea Dah and a happy new year to you! I'm finding joy in having the possibility spend an entire day in the kitchen. In fact, I'm doing it today! :-)

    I've been working all this weekend so today, when I'm off, I'm baking buns, pie dough (times 2) for quiches, merengue and biscotti (testing a new recipe). And finally I'm cooking a good dinner for my Man. I'll bring my Macbook with me for listening to the radio, blogging, and I'll be having an extra cup of coffee. It will be great relaxation after a hectic weekend.

    Have a nice day! :-)

  8. Is "joy" the same as "pleasure"? One of my favorite things to do on a winter's evening is fix a hot cuppa somethin' and look through my old copies of Victoria magazine. But "joy"...I have much joy watching my elementary-school-age children be themselves...getting texts from my 20-year-old son in the Marines telling me he loves me...I read books to my husband a lot in the winter. We both enJOY this! My 18-year-old daughter brings me joy when she wants my company to go out to eat and talk...


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