Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tea Guy

Blogland is like a maze where readers jump from blogroll on one list to another --- a hop, skip, and a jump. Sometimes it's difficult to find all the blogs that are themed to subjects one enjoys. For those who enjoy reading tea blogs, Tea Guy Speaks has a comprehensive listing of tea blogs that you might enjoy visiting. Have fun!


  1. Thank you LaTeaDah. It will give me some reading to go on with this week. I wonder what I will find!?

  2. I hope I can read some of these while on vacation.

    Pretty photo!


  3. This is weird...I was just telling Suzanne (At Home With the Farmer's Wife) about a little game I play. Then I head for Linds' (Rocking Chair Reflections) and she's doing lavender wands and I remember that you had a tutorial on them...find myself here getting that today's post and I'm right back where I started with Suzanne. Fun!

  4. Greetings on this fine Sunday morning... Thanks so much for mentioning li'l ol' me at DebraK's Giveaway! Also, after you visited my blog, I posted a special tea recipe and gave li'l ol' you some press. You might want to check it out.

    I love this teapot. I visited Tea Guy Speaks about a year ago and allowed his link to get lost in the gazillions of blogs that I have visited since them. Thanks for the reminder. I remember enjoying his blog!

    I also love the poem in your current post.

    Tootles, KJ

  5. What an amazing list of tea blogs! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Your photos and description of your life style are so comfy and pretty that I want to visit and drink tea with you. Oh, not really, but your blog is fun.

  7. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I enjoyed reading this blog for the first time. And I hope that the artwork I create might inspire some of your readers. I make tea-themed lighting sculptures with vintage teaware that you can see at my website
    I'd love to hear any comments from your blog posters, too!


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