Monday, July 14, 2008

Meadow Paintbrush

The meadow next to Paintbrush Lane is filled with green and vibrant darts of red. The paintbrush are blooming and add such a beautiful bits of color to the meadow. As George Santayana can be quoted as saying: "I like to walk about amidst the beautiful things that adorn the world". There's so much of creation to view, enjoy, and appreciate!


  1. So beautiful!
    Have you been affected by any of the fires?

  2. It seems that every year I am more aware of the gorgeous flowers that grow unattended. I must have seen them before but until I started dragging my camera around my neck .. they were quickly forgotten. The paintbrush is so beautiful.

  3. What beauty! Don't you just love the way God has put together the variety and colors for our enjoyment? ~Adrienne~

  4. Anonymous3:21 AM

    For such lovely work in your blog I have passed on to you an award.
    Can you please visit my blog to collect it

  5. When I was little, we called this "Indian Paintbrush." And I so loved to find the red ones. :-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci


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