Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shakespeare's Tea

Shakespeare's Tea

This is the time of year to collect and dry the ingredients for Shakespeare's Tea. A combination of lavender, mint, savory, and marjoram, this tea appeared in Act Four of "The Winter's Tale". Thus the name of the tea.

1 cup lavender bud, dried
2 cups peppermint, dried
1 cup summer savory, dried
1 cup sweet marjoram, dried
1 cup calendula blossoms, dried

Collect all the herbs, leaving on stems and allowing them to dry. Once dried, rub between hands to removed leaves from stems. Crumble the peppermint leaves to match the size of the other ingredients. Toss gently and place in a pretty jar with a secure lid.

To use, place 1 tsp. blend per cup of boiling water. Steep for 3 minutes. Then strain and enjoy.

Photo: Blue Mountain Lavender


  1. What a great spot and great photo. Sounds like an interesting tea, too.

  2. Yes, but is it really good? I want to hear what you think of it.

  3. What a delightful brew, and I've never heard of this Shakespeare tea blend. I wonder if it is delicious.

  4. I have a pot of lavendar outside my kitchen door. I meant to plant it in the garden. . .but didn't. I suppose it is time to cut the lavendar stems. .
    When will it bloom again? Next year? Should I plant it in the garden now. . or wait until fall?

    I always think of you when I see the lavendar. My lavendar that I planted last year is hanging on but I think I planted it in too shady of a spot. . something else I learned last year after your post.

  5. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I made this tea in 2007 and have just harvested twice the amount for this year's batch. The tea is wonderful on a cold day, very tasty and warms you right up. I highly recommend it!


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