Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Antique Family

If you look closely, you may be able to see how ribbon and fabrics were used to create flowers used to adorn the garments of this interesting group of people. The flowers are used both pinned onto the gowns or incorporated into the hairstyles of the women in this group. I agree that the flowers may all be live and real, but since we were talking about ribbon flowers yesterday, I am going to assume that's what these are. I found this picture on the wall of a restroom at one of our local antique shops. You are seeing a picture of a picture, thus a bit of glare from the glass in this photo from my cell phone. What I think makes this photo most unique of all is the lace collar that the gentleman is wearing. He fits right into the group and if the handlebar mustache wasn't quite so obvious, he might get lost in the crowd! I wonder --- is the woman sitting in the center his wife and the others his lovely daughters? I suppose we'll never know, but old photos like this do give one much to ponder about. This photo is a delight, and could only be made more of one if they were holding teacups for tea!

What do you think of this gentleman's fashion sense and style?


  1. This is a wonderful photo! I think, he was standing idly by waxing his mustache when the women asked him to join the group for a photo, but he replied he had nothing suitable to wear. At that point, one of the ladies quickly jumped up, ran to her closet, grabbed the collar, and said, 'put this on', you'll look grand. And he did.

  2. Very interesting picture. I've never seen a man dress that way (even in those days) for everyday wear, which is why I believe this to be a photo of the cast for a play. The man doesn't appear to be any older than the women who surround him. I'd have taken that picture, too, if I had remembered that I could take a cell phone picture.

  3. I love antique photos and I have a little collection... The most adorable, for me, are the brides/wedding pictures! Such a incredible inspiration to design a gown or create a tablescape!:D
    I guess this photo is from some royal family (look the lady´s cape). And i believe that this is from early or middle 19th century.
    Thanks for sharing! :D

  4. I also love looking at old pictures in antique shops and have actually succumbed to purchasing a few. This one indeed has a story I would like to know. I think the guy in the photo dressed just to fit in with all the beauties surrounding him.

  5. Oh my, La Tea Dah. That was a most delightful photo. Loved Rosemary's rendition of what she thought transpired in the photo.

    I have to say that I never saw a man dress like that, either, unless he was a prince or something.

    Imagine if all those lovely ladies were all his daughters! Wowsers.

    Did you buy anything at the antique shop? I always love to hear what treasures friends found.

    Take care. Susan

  6. Interesting...can't imagine my hubby in such attire!
    I do love to look at the fashions in old photos. You can learn so much.

  7. I love to look at old photos to learn about the fashion of the day. Not sure how I feel about this gentleman!


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