Sunday, February 03, 2013

Crown Gem Cookies

Crown Gems are a sweet nugget cookie. They really are little gems of goodness. Mom Audrey always made this recipe with Mystic Lakes sweetener, a syrup made of a variety of fruits.  It is no longer available, but any liquid sweetener will work just as well. I like to use maple syrup because of its delicate flavor. You can use maple syrup, honey, or agave for this recipe.

Bake these cookies in a cupcake paper that's placed in a mini-muffin tin. These flavorful cookies are perfect with tea.


  1. Anything that has dates and coconut has got to be delish. Sound great, La Tea Dah. Susan

  2. These sound yummy. Might have to give them a try soon. :) Best wishes, Tammy


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