Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Collection

"One teacup is simply...
a teacup. 
Two teacups is service for two. 
But if you take those two teacups, 
arrange them on a glass shelf with a lace scarf, 
and perhaps add a third to keep them company, 
you have something more than the sum of three teacups. 

You have something that can brighten 
your living space and embellish your memories. 
With a teacup or three and an idea for the future, 
you have a collection --- or the beginnings of one. 

And a collection doesn't have 
to be teacups,  of course. 
In fact, if an object exists on this earth 
in quantities more than one, 
the odds are that someone, 

Emilie Barnes


  1. I looked at my one tea cup on display last night with a shake of my head. It has become a catch all holding the dog's prescriptions. Very sad. I must remedy that!

  2. I used to get so excited on various trips to the beach or Williamsburg or up the Valley because I expected to stop in at Royal Doulton and document the trip with a teacup and saucer for my collection... I miss these outlets so very much!!!!!

  3. Hi La Tea Dah....I have so many collections of so many different things that it's not even funny. Take care. Susan

  4. Oh, collections! They are so interesting. I'm learning that a key part to having one is the ability to cull it.


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