Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Quilting Guild

When one needs inspiration to get the sewing machine out and get busy, there's nothing better than the community quilt guild. Once a month our community grange comes alive with sewing machines that hum and whir while stitching together many beautiful things.

Most of the guild members sew and quilt on a daily basis. The quilts that those in the small group produce must be in the 100's each year. In addition to traditional quilting, some do beautiful machine embroidery. And the ladies who have long-arm quilting machines are kept busy machine quilting the creations of others.

They are always happy to offer a friendly bit of advice when needed. They willingly share their expertise and ideas.

The grange hall offers lots of space for cutting, pinning, and sewing. Everyone gets their very own table and power outlet. If you sew, you know how important that is!

"Show and Tell" is looked forward to by all! Every month group members bring in the projects they have made or that they have been working on. The results are amazing! January's "Show and Tell" was more sparse than usual because most of the recent quilts made had been given away as Christmas gifts.

But Louisa showed two of the purses she made. They are colorful and contain pockets inside and out! She's recently made six of them, most of which were Christmas gifts for others.

Conversation and sharing is a very important part of quilt guild!

And of course there's always lunch! Tables are pushed together and placed into a long row. The sewing machines are quiet and chatter ensues as everyone enjoys food brought from home and shared with friends. What a talented group of ladies! Not only can they sew, but they cook fantastically as well!

I hope you are enjoying a January day that isn't too cold or dreary. Maybe a little stitchin' would bring some cheer to your day.


  1. What joy it must be to be a part of such a group. Hope that you will share these sessions again.

  2. What a lovely way to share with friends and neighbors, time to catch up on chatting, sharing creative time together, and sitting to eat together. How special!

  3. Hi there, What a wonderful post; you've brought memories of my time in a quilt guild in No.Calif.
    Although many brought hand work, there were no machines at all and the meetings were held twice monthly. One was business and the other was a guest speaker-often a renowned quilter. Of course it was a huge guild-close to 200 at times.
    I don't miss the politics but I do miss the wisdom gleaned from others.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. God bless quilters, and stitchers, and sewers, and knitters! I appreciate their work but am not one of their breed....


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