Friday, January 18, 2013

A Quiltin' Good Time

The dreary and cold days of January are made more blessed by time with friends. They help to break the monotony of sunshine's lack and short days. Because families are so busy during the holiday season, our community quilt guild decided to hold their Christmas party in January.

Twenty-one lovely women gathered for lunch and a homemade gift exchange. Names were drawn months ago and everyone has been busy stitching or crafting something special for the one whose name they drew.

Karleen and I were no exception. She made a beautiful "house" themed table runner for her exchange partner while my crochet hook was busy with handmade dishcloths and a long, sashay scarf. I also packaged up a selection of the handmade soaps I've been mixing up this month.

We opened our gifts, one by one, with many oooooo's and awwwwww's from everyone! Such talented women! And they are so generous with their talents.

This gift is inside this beautifully embroidered gift bag. The group members with machine embroidery machines can really create some stunning things!

Someone made this little flower pin cushion. Isn't it cute? 
I love the little ladybug.


A machine embroidered Christmas table runner is loved and appreciated by Judy.

Karleen received a soft and flowing infinity scarf in purple and a lovely floral table runner.

Everyone had a good time. 
Sharing and conversation is always fun!

The time ended too soon. But the opportunity to spend time together added sparkle to the week! And yes, you can be sure that I added a touch of "tea" to my exchange partner's gift. An ample supply of tea in a pretty crafting mug should be serving her well for awhile. Plus, I included a book about quilting --- just so she'd have something to read while she sipped her tea.

Tomorrow I will share pictures of a few more of the items that were created and gifted at this exchange.

What happened in your world last week to give you a little "sparkle"?


  1. What a fun group and a fun event. I like the idea of having the Christmas gift exchange in January!!

  2. WHAT A TERRIFIC GROUP OF LADIES - FIBER ARTISTS! This looks like a happy time...thanks for linking!

  3. So...Is it really called the Community Guilt Guild? You have me going with that name. What a fun get-together to enjoy each of your handiwork!

  4. Oh sparkle for me is time with grandson. Also figuring out how to use my new IPod, which I am loving. My swim group met for their Christmas party in January too, but we exchange "white elephant" gifts. I did get a nice Christmas cookie jar and a few other goodies. I think your quilt group would be fun for exchanging gifts, all so very creative.

  5. Ahhh, gives a whole new meaning to "You Are My Sunshine."

    My sister was wearing a scarf like that today in black, red, and white. I hadn't seen one before and commented on it. She said, "It has a special name." Now I'm thinking that I'll be able to tell her that it is a "sashay scarf."

  6. Love love love it! How very fun...don't you just love our special groups like this? So much to look forward to and enjoy with dear TALENTED friends.
    Thanks for sharing.
    PS...I am fascinated with your book...good for you! Your pix are always lovely.


  8. So nice to have such a lovely group of friends come together and celebrate one another-the table runners are gorgeous and I really love the scarves!

  9. Great idea to do the exchange now where everything and everyone can truly be appreciated. You have a nice large group of ladies. All the gifts are so beautiful! Best wishes, Tammy


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