Sunday, January 20, 2013


So many beautiful gifts were crafted by the quilt guild women. I received a beautiful kitchen angel made out of a dishcloth, a tea towel, a hot pad, and some silk ribbon. Simply by folding and tying, a pretty angel was made. Jeanette also made a set of three fabric trimmed tea towels, two crocheted dishcloths, and some delicious candied trail mix for me. It was all packaged it a pretty vintage gift box from the 1950's. The box is as much a treasure as the rest of the gift!

Jane received a beautiful evergreen wreath that was decorated with sea shells and sea foam green ribbon. She loved it! She says it is perfect for her beach themed sunroom in her home.

Chris made framed art for Judy. It's something she machine embroidered and is called "Anatomy of the Quilting Bee" (Quilters Insectus). It shows all the tools that quilters need. At the bottom it shows a picture of a sock by the sewing machine with the words: "husbands sock waiting to be mended". Cute. {Do you mend your husband's socks? I don't!}.

Karleen brought a special treat for everyone! She made quilting stilettos that she packaged attractively on a card that shares all the things it can be used for.

They are beautiful! I love the combination of pretty beads she used to create this useful "object of art".

I came away inspired! I'm already thinking up ideas for things I can make for next year's Christmas in January gift exchange. What a talented and generous group of quilting friends.


  1. Your statement on "Living Creatively with Purpose."
    Is lovely. I share your sentiments and strive to create that atmosphere in my home for my loved ones.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the variety of these lovely hand-crafted gifts!

  3. Love seeing the creativity from the towel angel to the stilettos that Karleen made. How fun to be surrounded by giving, creative women.

  4. Love those stilettos!

  5. This has been fun to see. Now I'm trying to read what a stiletto is used for...

  6. Never hard of a quilting stiletto, but they are beautiful. Does she sell them also?

  7. I love how creating brings women together!

  8. How lovely! You certainly receive so many useful and wonderful handcrafted gifts. I love handmade over store bought any day. Sounds like a nice group! Best wishes, Tammy


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