Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sharing and Sweets

We completed the Wu-Wo tea event by talking and sharing with one another.

Each participant brought a snack to share with the group.

It wasn't long until everyone congregating around the snack tables, enjoying a tasting party of the sweets and treats that had been brought. From popcorn seasoned with EVOO, nutritional yeast, and lapsang souchong --- to Japanese sweets --- deviled eggs --- truffles --- and dried fruits --- everyone enjoyed tasting and comparing notes about the food.

It was such a delightful experience. A joy. A pleasure. A bonding time with friends.

The End.


  1. Definitely looks like it was a wonderful gathering. I just love seeing the green looking so green. Any green we have here is faded and dusty. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Looks like great event!

  3. Sounds great, La Tea Dah. Just great. Susan

  4. This is a fun way of ending time with tea. Also sometimes we drink so much tea, we need the snacks just to level out the consumption of caffeine.


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